Loan Modification


If you have been impacted by a recent hardship that has affected your ability to pay your mortgage payment, Caliber is here to help. If you are behind on your payments or think you may miss a future payment, your Caliber Cares Specialist may be able to provide assistance.

There are multiple loan modification programs available, including programs offered by the federal government and our private investors. Every program offers options for borrowers in different situations and all work to assist homeowners in their time of hardship. Eligibility for a particular assistance program is based on the specifics of the loan and hardship.



your Caliber Cares Representative at 1-800-401-6587 to review your options.


the needed documents from your

Personalized Document Checklist.


your documents to Caliber by one of the ways below.


of your request with a decision within 30 days. If approved, start a Trial Period for about 90 days and make initial payments. A Final Modification will start if you successfully complete the trial period.

Your loan modification request cannot be reviewed until all required documents have been received.

Additionally, we may order an appraisal or other written valuation to determine the property’s value and charge you for this product. We will promptly give you a copy of any valuation, even if your loan modification is not approved. You can pay for an additional appraisal or other written valuation for your own use at your own cost.

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