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Please contact Caliber Home Loans Customer Service with any questions, disputes, or inquiries you may have or call us at 1-800-401-6587. For dispute or inquiries, please allow Caliber Home Loans 25 business days to review research and return a written response to you.

As a Servicemember, or a spouse or dependent of a Servicemember, you may be entitled to certain rights and protections pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Please contact Caliber's Customer Service Department at 1-800-401-6587 for more details.

As a Successor, you may be entitled to certain rights and protections pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Regulation X and Truth in Lending Regulation Z, also known as “Mortgage Servicing Rule 2016” as issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Please contact Caliber’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-401-6587.

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If you have any concerns regarding the servicing of your loan, you can send us a Notice of Error, Requests for Information or Qualified Written Requests. You must use this address to assert an error or request information. Please include your specific concern or question and account number.

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